Demo - Part Two Released

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to let you all know that I've pushed out the Chapter Two extension for Gilded Shadows today. This was supposed to go out next week however, next week is looking pretty crazy for me right now so I decided to go ahead and get this out of the way this week so that it's one less thing to worry about next week.

I'd rather put it out early than late!

Here is a list of things that are new/different in this version.

- Chapter Two, of course. You have the option of meeting two new love interests in this chapter. There are also some new story developments.

- I made some slight changes to the customisation page based feedback. The buttons are slightly different for selecting hair and skin tone. And there is now a back button that lets you go back to previous customisation screens to change your selections.

- If you look on the "Endings" screen, you'll now see a completion tracker that will let you know how much of the game content you've viewed. Not a big deal for just the demo, but will hopefully be useful  later on.

Old saves should still work but if you encounter an exception or traceback after loading your old save, please start a new game and see if you encounter the same error before reporting it.  And as always, please do report any glitches or issues you encounter.

We hope you enjoy the new content! The next expansion will probably be uploaded sometime in the middle of January!


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*SHINY SPARKLY EYES* chapter two