Demo - Part Three Released

Hey everyone! 

So today we pushed out the final update to the Gilded Shadows demo! Chapter Three is now available for your enjoyment! And with this, we are considering the demo for Gilded Shadows complete. There may be an expansion at some point in the future but this is our last planned update for the official Gilded Shadows demo.

The biggest change outside the addition of Chapter Three is that we revamped our glossary and how it's organised. I still haven't made it available from inside the game outside of the hyperlinks - but that is something that will be in the final produce (you'll access it from the side menu).

For now, we have the glossary index set up so that it's organised by category.  This will help us out a lot later on when we have a lot more entries than we do in the demo. It may get another revamp later on but this is what we're going with for now! 

Chapter Three is obviously the big update! You get to see a new character and a previously introduced character makes a reappearance in the story.

In other news, we are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Gilded Shadows in February. You can find our pre-launch page HERE.

The goal of this campaign will be to help us acquire assets and help we need to make this game what we want it to be. Gilded Shadows has an expansive setting and we want backgrounds that show off this incredibly cool world the game takes place in. We also want an original soundtrack, and would like to get help creating the CG concepts and sprite designs. A Kickstarter will help us do all of that.

If you'd like to follow our page so you're notified when we launch, that would be awesome! Otherwise, we will definitely be posting. 

We expect to launch on February 4th, which is just three weeks away! 

As always, please do let us know if you find any glitches or typos or anything like that. I expect most bugs would be in the glossary as I had to change up all the hyperlinks and may have mixed a few of them up. *sweats*

And, as always, please consider following us on tumblr which is our main update location. I update there every single week. I don't post here as often due to not wanting to spam our followers here! 

I think that's all for now!



GS-Demo-5.1-windows 612 MB
Version 2 Jan 14, 2020
GS-Demo-5.1-mac 610 MB
Version 2 Jan 14, 2020

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