WSC Devlog (December)

Hello everyone! It is the last update for this game this year. It has been a surprisingly busy month for When Stars Collide so let's jump into it!


The current word count is 468,000 words. This is just over the target word count I had for myself to reach by the end of the year.

Not the *original*, original target because that was 300,000 (*maybe* 350,000) words and I blew past that a long time ago. No, this was the second target word count. Which I've now also passed.

So let us break it down.

Since I pushed WSC from the back burner to the front burner in mid August, I've written 166,000 words. That comes out to about 1200 words per day on average, which isn't really a huge amount, honestly. Some days I didn't write that much, other days I wrote three times that amount.

It's just a 'slow and steady wins the race' sort of thing.

But let's get into the details.


So my main goal for a while has been to hit 466,000 words by the end of the year. 

Now 466,000 words as a goal was based on the unedited length of Asher's route (route being the collection of all the individual scenarios and scenes related to Asher specifically as a character) + the 'common' route (or all the content the player will encounter no matter who they are pursuing).*

Asher's rough draft reached 60k so that was kind of my loose target for the other routes. (The 466k was, I think, also based on the assumption Kav's route would probably be a little shorter than the others because he gets introduced so late.) So I somehow came up with the number 466,000.

I've known for a while I was going to go past that word count in the final version of the project. I've added additional chapters, it's been clear that Kav's route actually is not going to be shorter than the others, etc, etc. 

But I've not known much I would pass 466k, so I didn't adjust my goal because it's an unknown and my goal can't be an unknown number. I need something specific for my spreadsheet to function. Because it has to be able to math.

Now if you've been following updates, you know that when I got to the 3 final chapters of the 4 remaining LIs...I decided to pause and edit Asher's path (common + Asher's route) to fix some plot issues in order to make it easier to finish the remaining routes. Which sounds really confusing when I phrase it that way but makes total sense in my head, I promise.

That's what I've been doing the last couple of weeks - editing, fleshing things out, and cutting stuff too, some. But then mostly just adding more than what I cut.

My final word count has begun to crystallise in my mind, and it's going to be quite a bit higher than I originally thought - even keeping in mind that I already thought it was going to be longer than planned. But it's going to be longer than even the longer length I thought it was going to be...

I'll probably finish up Asher's edit before I start talking about where the word count is likely to land because I will have a more solid idea when I see just how long his route ends up being. I try to keep the routes in the same ballpark word count wise.

NOW - how is the edit going?


I finished editing Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8.  (So that's all common route scenes + all Asher-specific scenes in those chapters)

These chapters have a lot of the plot-related things I wanted to fix/change (basically the reason why I paused to edit was...these chapters). And I have managed to do that.

The edit is going quite well in my opinion. I have 1.5 more chapters that involve common content + Asher content and then it's just Asher's ending sequence to edit. And I have a lot more freedom with how that goes and what I can do with it.

I am expecting Asher's route to end up at around 75,000 words by the end of the edit but we'll see!

* The reason Asher is the benchmark is just that I tend to work on things alphabetically and his name starts with "A" so his was the first route to be completed. Much like Ari in Gilded Shadows and Corvin in Changeling.


So moving on to artwork...I think that, like last month, I received 3 new BGs + 1 new sketch. BGs are coming along well.

There have been a few other small art-related things but suffice it to say that art is not the focus at the moment aside from the BGs which have been outsourced.

I'm not particularly focused on art and if I do work on art, it's generally small things. I modified one of Kav's alternate hairstyles and have been adding details here and there on some of the characters - just small tweaks and nothing really worth making a fuss over.

Upcoming month(s)

So I did not finish editing Asher's route but in's because I added a 30,000 word new chapter...unexpectedly.

I did meet end my year-end word count goal of 466,000 words. So there's that. But I didn't finish the draft. Because it's bigger now.

This is why word count goals like this are always a bit of a squishy thing. Project scopes change and it's proven impossible for me to estimate the word count of anything I write.

We're three projects in and I have not been close on even one of these things. I always overestimate my ability to...write...less?

Which feels kind of...backwards somehow. 

In the upcoming month, my goal is to finish editing Asher's route and to start drafting the ending scenarios for the four remaining routes - which should be easier now. 

I'm already more than half done editing Asher's route so hopefully that won't take too much longer.

I really want the drafting to be done. That is such a huge part of the process that when its done, it's a huge mental load off. And really, I am nearly done with the draft so hopefully I can wrap that up in due time.

That is all for this huge update. and I will see you all towards the end of January 2024....!

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>>We're three projects in and I have not been close on even one of these things. I always overestimate my ability to...write...less?

That is genuinely incredibly hilarious. That said, congratulations on your amazing progress! I'm so excited to see more of this game when it's time!

Just played this demo after flying through (and adoring) Gilded Shadows! I'm so excited to keep following your work! 🩵


Thank you for the update >u< you've been workin hard and I'm lookin forward to y'all's game!

Thank you very much! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧


your Work is awesome :D I Love the Stories and Characters you create. Thank you for your hard Work <3

Thank you!. ╰(*°▽°*)╯


I love the little detail about working alphabetically! I'd never noticed but that makes a lot of sense for an outline! I am so excited to read your next masterpiece! Thank you for your hard work and always keeping us looped in! Its fun to get a peek into the magic. :)


Well, I don't want people to think I have favourites. Ha ha. So I wanted to explain that it's just that Asher comes first alphabetically.

Funnily, there has been one character in every game that I wrote out of order - Ewan, Lance, and Kav. Ewan and Lance were last because their plot development was a bit different than the other routes and I wanted to have everything else out of the way before I started them. Kav just was added way later in the process.

But I think that unintentional pattern of the one outlier character is funny too.

That is fun! Even if you did have some that are favorites, its even more special that we can't tell because you put so much love and characterization into them all! 

I could see that since Ewan's & Lance's routes both felt almost like a different setting, and writing characters of a different species for Ewan's path (fairy) with their own rules and morals must have been a bit of a left turn. They ended up being some of my favorites because of that duality, though! It adds a bit of spice to your stories, because even though they're all intertwined they're each unique. That's something you don't see in visual novels much, and I love it! 


Fortunately I don't really have favourites. All the guys that were done out of order had reasons I ended up working on them that way.

Ewan was last because his route was going to go a different route since he was also Fae and it made sense to take them into Faerie to resolve the issue. Lance, I wanted to write after Magnus because of who he is. I wanted to see how the reveal was handled in Magnus' route first, so I could do it differently in Lance's route.

And Kav just didn't exist until later on. 🤣🤣 Poor Kav.

Poor Kav! X) Hey, he exists now and that's what matters. Lol


I just binge read the whole snapshot last night. This was my first read and I'm already addicted. I cannot wait for more. Couldn't bare it. But I shall. Because I know that this is going to be worth the wait. I don't know you but I'm so proud of you and your journey to writing this. As a writer, writing is hard as heck. And you're doing great at it.

Thank you!

I'm really really hoping to be finished with the draft as soon as possible so I can start editing and the move on to the rest of development. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

(1 edit) (+3)

Looking forward to the game you guys haven't let me down with your other games looking forward to playing it! <3


Thank you! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)