Release Date - May 13th

Hi everyone!

This is just to announce that there is an official release date for Gilded Shadows!

The game (with 6 love interests) will be releasing on May 13th (Australia) . It will release on Steam and Itch around the same time, which I am planning to be kind of mid-late morning.  Again, this is in AEST.

As I mentioned, the game will release with 6 love interests (the 6 originally advertised - Ari, Caissa, Caleb, Jack, Lance, and Magnus).

  • The game is around 705,000 words (on release)
  • It has 52 unique full CGs + 7 min CGs (on release)
  • I lost count of sprites and backgrounds honestly...a lot.
  • A glossary with 124 entries (on release)
  • And a detailed flowchart for each route
  • 24 endings (on release)

Basically, it's a pretty big game.

I estimate that at 250 wpm there are about 47 hours of playable content. Mileage may vary based on reading speed and play style. 

There will be links to a public walkthrough as well as an extensive content guide for those who need or want a little extra information about the game's content.

The three remaining LIs (Quill, Reuben, and Yuu) will be released one at a time as automatic updates over the next...months. I'm not going to give a set amount of time for each additional route but the average route length is 108,000 words. And then they will all require art, some sprites, and of course all the coding and testing. So each route will take a few months to get completed.

(Quill's route is already in progress and is about 50% written).

And that's kind of it.

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I do have a quick question though, is Yuu and the other two extra routes going to be available to those of us who have already purchased the game, or will they be extra dlc that we need to pay for?

The three routes will be an unpaid update to the game, not paid DLC. So yes, you will get access to them as soon as they are available if you've already purchased the game.


Something that I forgot to mention, but honestly, the work ya'll did with Changeling is actually one of the things that inspired me to go back to school. I am currently in school for audio production, with the end goal of getting to write my own otomes and make music for them. Changeling, Oathbreaker from Larky Labs, and Ebon Light by Underbliss... Ten years from now I hope to have at least a couple of stories under my belt, and I can't wait to tell the world about how much you guys all inspired me!

That's incredible to hear! (Oathbreaker and and Ebon Light are some of my favourite games!)

Best of luck with school and your otome goals! I really hope to play a game by you some day! 🥰🥰

That would be amazing, and I would be super honored! Thank you! Now I have even more motivation to get down to it! 🥰


I just want to say: WOW. I knew the game would be amazing after Changeling, and I'm happy to say that I was right! Ari is definitely my favorite so far, but I absolutely can't wait to romance Yuu and Quill. One of the things I love most about your style is how each of the romance routes are their own story. It's commonly the case that the entire story is the same, and only who you romance is different. I know it must have been a lot of hard work, but it is amazing and so worth it! I have loved every route, both in Changeling, and here in Gilded Shadows. I can't wait to see what you do next! The world building for Gilded Shadows was amazing, and the music was amazing as well. The story blew me away. I keep replaying it on repeat, just cuz I can't get enough of it! Thank you so much for such a wonderful game! I can't wait to give you more money! 🥰

Thank you so much! 

I really like writing distinctive routes for the characters - one of my (unofficial) side projects has more of an overlapping structure (similar to Ebon Light) because I just wanted to try out a new way of writing. And I honestly find it so much harder! LoL

I think the distinct route style is just easier for me and will probably continue to be my preferred structure for future projects (aside from the side project! LoL)

We were really lucky to find a fantastic composer for this game. He's on instagram (filmandgamemusic) aand posts a lot of snippets of himself working and composing! OwO

It's  more than just distinct routes too. The way that each distinct route unlocks new information about the world that the game takes place in is phenomenal. And I love how you so carefully crafted each route to add more details about the entirety of what's going on! It's really amazing and inspiring :D You have yourself a fan in me! I will be eagerly looking out for anything with the Steamberry Studio stamp on it!


Apologies, I do not know why but even though I paid in full I am unable to access the newly released game. Is there a reason you know of or place I can go for some direction. So sorry to bother you with this

False alarm; sorta; it just dropped off my banking statement (I promised it was there!). Will try again soon.

If this happens again, please reach out to support. Unfortunately problems with payments and the like aren't something I really have access to fix and are likely an issue on their end. As a developer, I can see payments but can't really interact with them in a meaningful way when it comes to refunds and the like. Even if I can send a copy of the project or something, it's definitely best to get this handled on's side since it would be an issue with their process!

Thanks for the info! Ill keep it in mind if it ever goes...weird again.  I was able to repurchase with no issue so who knows what happened lol. 

Glad it got sorted! And I hope you enjoy the game! =D


Thank youuu!

So excited for this! I already know its gonna be amazing!

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So excited!!!


I just have a few more keys to hand out first....;A; Nearly there!


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*refreshes page with payment in hand* (Also, I'm writing a novel with the main LI being called Reuben, surprised and excited to see there will be one in this vn also!)


It will be a while longer. I'm sending out game keys to backers now and will release the game after that. I'd check back in about an hour!

<3 thank you :D

AAAH can't wait it's finally happening! *gets wallet ready*

Check again in around an hour!


Oh man it's almost time! I can't wait to play the full game, the demo has been so amazing to play and replay over the past few months. It'll be early hours here in South Africa when it's released and I'm so worried I won't sleep haha. Congratulations on the release and thank you for such a unique and beautiful game! <3 <3


Awww! I feel the pain of timezones! LoL. Being in Australia means a ton of things happen at 3 AM for me. LoL

Game should release in around an hour...ish.

It's HERE!  \(^-^)/ Thank you for the reply!  ugh timezones are a mess, but thank God for the Internet and being able to connect to creators/artists/fellow enthusiasts from all around the world, sometime your tribe is scattered all over the globe and I couldn't be happier to have found mine <3 now REST xx


It is HERE! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

I agree! Frustrating as timezones are, we can all talk to each other no matter where we are. It's so amazing. O///w///O It's very fun to engage with a global audience. <3

Juhu,I love your first Game and I'm so exited for the new one.

You do very good :) and congratulations for the release <3

Thank you so much! I really hope you enjoy it when you play it! <3


Omg omg omg omg omg omg

(/≧▽≦)/   Yay!


amazing! the demo was so cool and changeling is my favourite vn of all time, so excited to buy this

I hope you enjoy it!


This is so exciting! I'll be playing on a Steam Deck, so I'll probably buy on Steam, but I just wanted to say congratulations on the new release! I got Changeling in a bundle a couple years ago and it's one of my favorite VNs!

I was wondering, there will be a Linux version, right? I know some games just have the Linux version bundled in the Windows folder and Steam only has info for the Windows version. (It doesn't really matter, as I could just play the Windows version through Proton, but I just thought I'd ask, lol)


I don't usually make a linux build because I have no way to test it. None of my testers use linux, and I can't really push out an untested build (sometimes errors will appear in one build but not in another so it's really important to have the ability to test in all builds that you publish - I've encountered this numerous times even just across mac and windows builds.)

This is why I usually create all the builds separately vs bundling them in together.

Ah well, the demo worked fine through Proton, so I'll just play the full game that way, as well.

Playing the demo again got me very excited for the full game! I can't wait to see how the story unfolds.


Congratulations! I remember playing Changeling when it came out, and I can't believe Gilded Shadows is officially here! Woo!


I can't believe GS is ready for the first phase of its release either. I keep feeling like I'm surely forgetting something because it hasn't been long enough! LoL


Quick question, which will give you a better deal/revenue/ect. I plan to buy it either way so which is "better" for you?


Itch is better for me and most small developers and gives players a DRM-free version that can be played off line, which is nice. But I personally want people to purchase on the site that is more convenient for them.

Steam has things like achievements and trading cards that don't exist on Itch so for people who enjoy those things, maybe Steam is the better choice. 

You should purchase on the platform you enjoy the most.


I use both platforms so either is great for me! Itch it is and ty for the answer. 


Is there any difference on buying Gilded Shadows on Steam vs Or is one platform more beneficial for you for us to buy on vs the other?


Itch is generally more beneficial for developers but many people prefer to play on Steam for things like achievements.


Sorry if this question has already been asked, but what will the game's price, please?


No apologies needed.  The price will be $29.99 (usd).

And it was worth EVERY penny!


Excited!!! Buying this as soon as my backlog stops intimidating me. :P


I'm so excited for this! If you by the game here will there be a steam code on the download page?

We don't have plans to give steam codes for purchases.


Okay thanks for your answer!

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