30/05 Devlog - Writing Quill's Route

Hi everyone!

So I don't usually do updates here because I have numerous other places that I update. However, since the game is released and since I am still working on additional promised content for it, I do want to start updating here every few weeks just to keep people informed what's going on with development. 

In short, I'm working on Quill's route. My process will go something like this:

  • write the route
  • edit the route
  • script the route with backgrounds and music
  • push out an alpha version for beta testers only
  • start CG and sprite artwork
  • make corrections/edits as they come in
  • code in artwork as it's complete
  • create and code the flowcharts
  • create and code in any new glossary entries
  • lots of beta testing
  • release the route
  • move on to the next route , rinse and repeat

A lot of people are asking for dates and how long this process will take. The real answer is that it will take as long as it takes. As a solo dev, I can't always predict delays - and if I get sick, well, that's my entire team that is down for the count. I predict 3-4 months per route. But that's just a loose prediction. 

I'm hoping to have Quill's route written (rough draft) by the end of June. I have to write about 1300 words per day to make that happen. That's totally doable but writing can be a struggle. So we just have to see.

As I said, I'll try to update here every few weeks to give everyone an idea of where I am in the process. Right now, I am on Chapter 8 of Quill's route (every route gets 14 chapters). Each route averages about 108,000 words. Quill's route is at 70,000 right now.

Quill will require 7 additional CGs + 1 mini CG.  And I know I need at least 3 more sprites right now.  So there's a fair amount of art to be done as well.

That's it. That's where things stand right now in terms of the first expansion. And I will leave it at that.

See you next time.


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You're doing a great job! Do remember to rest as well!

Please take the time you need and don't let it stress you out. It is important that you have fun and don't jeopardize your health. your fans will continue to wait patiently and look forward to the results ❤️

Take your time! We will still be here.


Thanks for the update ! Can't wait to see how Quill's route will turn out :D


Thanks for the update. Good luck with the development and don’t forget to have fun. ( And take the time you need :-) .


Super excited to see Quill's route :D good luck