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There is a lengthy content guide for anyone who needs it, as well as a publicly available ending guide.

PLEASE DO NOT USE OLD SAVES.  If you load the game see that you have old saves available, please delete them (you can do so by hovering over the save slot and hitting delete). Using these saves WILL break the game or cause weird sprite/CG errors. 

If you load an old save and get an error or bug of some kind, please load a new game and try again before you report the bug.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support. I hope you enjoy the game!


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How do I join the discord? I haven't been able to find a link

Here is a link to the Discord server:


Loved it! Each route gives more and more information. Even just a rough run through will give you more details about each character. Like a puzzle at the end every fits. 

I can't wait to see the other 3 routes!

For $30 it's more than worth getting.

Thank you! I can't wait to start releasing the additional routes. I'm writing as fast as I can!

I played this on Steam but I love this game so much. Each character is so lovable! I hadn't heard about this game until I got news of its release, but when I heard about it I immediately went and purchased it! No regrets! This game is definitely replayable with how lovable they all are. It's interesting to find out more about the main character's abilities as well in every route. I put in a bit of time each day to play this game and I looked forward to it! This is already one of my favorite games.

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed the game. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Of course! Me too and I just had to gush about this game somewhere 😊

Thank you so much for creating this game! I loved it so much I've played through all available endings already. So a lot of late nights were involved this last 2 weeks.  I can't really say which route I liked most. I think I like Ari most as a LI, but probably preferred the plot of a lot of the other routes more. But mostly I really can't wait for Reuben's route to appear. Ever since first playing the demo to now encountering him on other routes, I'm only getting more and more intriged to figure out how his and MC's route will go. That being said I really didn't think to be looking forward to Yuu's route, but after especcially the encounters MC has with him in Magnus' route I actually can't wait. Will his route tell more about his and Caleb's relationship? since it's mentioned in Ari's I believe but never in Caleb's route. I also would really like to know more about Odette's story. How did she end up in Endgame? And I believe I've seen this mentioned on tumblr, but I really can't believe Wynter isn't an LI. I'm so happy I got to play this game and become fascinated by this world you've created. I wish you all the best in creating the additional 3 routes. They're definetily gonna be worth the wait!

Hello! Thank you for playing!

  • Ari's route was really more character centric rather than being about the dramatic plot. The plot took a back seat to Ari's development into a real boy. LoL So it's understandable his plot ranks lower - there's a lot less of it. 😂
  • Yuu's route will definitely go into his relationship with Caleb a bit more. And Odette will feature more prominently in it as well. 
  • Wynter is a backer character and didn't even exist when I initially conceptualised Endgame and it's LIs. He was available to be chosen as a backer LI because his creator discussed him with me a little before the KS (as she was already planning to back at that tier). But he wasn't chosen. There's not much I can do about it - I can't make a route for a character that doesn't exist. LoL 🤣🤣

I'm looking forward to getting the three remaining characters complete! On Chapter 8 of Quill's route and counting. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

- Yeah really loved his growth as a person and the roll MC can play in this.

- This makes me even more exicted for Yuu's route :). 

- I'm just gonna  love him from afar ; ). 

Amazing you're already on ch. 8 with Quill only after just releasing the main game!

It's not as amazing as it seems! LoL

I started working on it while I was doing the final CGs and testing for the main game, really. I would have to take breaks from drawing to rest my hand, and would spend that time writing for a bit. So I had about 5 chapters done when the game released. So I've only a few chapters in the weeks since then. 🤣🤣

It would be amazing to write 8 chapters in two weeks though. I'd love it if I could write that fast! xD

congrats on the release! i loved this so much. 😭 so far, the routes i've played are ari's, magnus', and caissa's.  i just started lance's route.  ari is currently my favorite in terms of appearance and personality. but absolutely loved all the juicy stuff that got revealed in magnus' and caissa's routes, and how everything kinda "connects". that's what prompted me to do lance's route next tbh, though i wasn't originally planning on it. 10/10 and can't wait for quill's route to come out!!

Oooh! I hope you enjoy Lance's route! I'm always amused by the reaction of how he reveals certain plot elements. Most expect it to go differently. 😂😂 Lance is a big sweetie though so I hope his route is fun for you!

i honestly didn't even expect for any of them to connect at all! because of the whole "stand-alone character routes" thing HAHA definitely very well-written, thank you so much for such a wonderful story. i love the world-building, the visuals, the characters, everything and of course let's not forget the steamy scenes and how hot everyone is

Hey there! Congrats on the release! 🥳🥳 I, like many others, love your previous work. (I have lists on VNDB and I have a folder where only my most TOP NOTCH, MASTERPIECE visual novels go. Changeling is in that list along with mostly Japanese otomes lmfao, you/your team are that amazing IMO!) Thank you for your hard work and beautiful storytelling; I cannot wait to play this!

I did have a question on that note. I really want to play right away. Do you guys typically follow loose deadlines in your team? And more specifically, do you guys have dates (the month, the year?) you're aiming for for the remaining 3 routes to release? I prefer to wait until games are completely finished before I start playing -- which typically includes waiting for extra content to release as well -- but I'm so desperate to take in your team's art once more that I will most likely play this ASAP anyways lmfao. I just wanted to know to weigh my options. I'm also curious if the 3 characters will be getting routes of the same length/depth as the original 6 or if they are more so just short add-on routes. 

Totally fine if you're completely unsure, no pressure! Thank you for your time and everything you guys do!

Hello! Thank you so much for the congrats and compliments!

I don't really follow even loose deadlines (I don't really have a team. It's just me, currently - not counting freelancers who do BG work and the like). There are too many variables for solo devs and small teams for me to feel comfortable with deadlines. If I get sick, for instance, that means development completely *stops* until I recover because there's no one else to pick up the slack.

The three additional LIs are getting full routes that are going to be as long as the ones already released. I track word counts pretty closely and the current routes average 108,000 words. So that's my target amount for the additional LIs. They will have the same number of unique CGs/CG sets as well.

I would say that at minimum each route is going take 3 months. I think I gave a quick rundown elsewhere too but this is essentially the flow of development:

  • - write each route
  • - edit each route
  • - script each route (meaning transplanting the writing into the game and formatting it)
  • - sending it out for beta reading
  • - creating and coding the flowchart for each route
  • - coding all sprite expressions, music, and SFX
  • - creating and coding any new background animations and variations
  • - creating and coding 7 additional CGs + 1 mini CG for each route
  • - creating any additional sprites
  • - writing and coding new glossary entries for route-specific lore
  • - beta testing every route thoroughly to make sure there are no layering issues with the CGs, and to make sure all endings and flowchart modules unlock properly
  • - creating a guide and content list for each route

THEN releasing it.

And all of this (except the testing) is done by a single person. So as you can imagine, it's a months long process. With three routes left to release, we're definitely looking at probably another year of working on this game to get them all out.

The main reason I chose to release the six original LIs without the Kickstarter love interests was because I knew they would tack on around another year of development for the game, and I didn't think people would want to wait that long to play.

Having said all that, Quill's route is around half written (currently 60,000 words) and I've already done two (of...5 I think?) of the unique sprites for his route. I'm hoping to have his route fully written by the end of June so I can start working on coding and getting everything else done. I do intend to release the routes one at a time as they're complete rather than releasing them all at once.

So yeah, all of that is to say it will be a while for sure. There's a lot of content even in a single route (one day I'll make a small game. LoL. ONE DAY.) 😂😂

Ahhh thank you so much for the prompt reply and for giving me answer despite deadlines not being your thing! >.< Wow, I actually had NO idea you were a one person team?!?!?! That's insane, you're a powerhouse! Thank you for being considerate of players by releasing! Yes see, I thought everything was completely done so had I known, I would've put it in my "In Progress" list and just checked in. Now that I have it in my head, I simply have no choice but to play now 😂😂😂 It's out of my hands now LMFAO. But that's fine because once the other routes are released, I can replay! I was actually just about to replay Changeling before this released lmfao, thank you for feeding us!

I hope everything continues to go well for you! I hope the weight/load is not too much. I and the rest of your fans all support you and your art!! So please take your time and take care of your health!

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I'm loving the game so far! I'm kinda annoyed by Dr. Sasaki and how the MC doesn't stand up against his insults and pushing but maybe that comes later (Only done Ari's route so far and the doc is mean to him).

 Overall, she has proven resourceful and like a smart balanced person which is awesome :)

Great art too with writing that is very well done! I love the lore and how it is coming together!


Sasaki definitely isn't everyone's jam. Morgan doesn't really have much motivation to stand up to Yuu - particularly at the beginning of the route when she has no idea what is happening and doesn't know any of these people or what their relationship dynamic is. 

Glad you're enjoying the game so far! I hope the routes continue to resonate and be enjoyable for you!

It made more sense later on, but I think it is just a personal pet peeve of mine. I'm a therapist and can not stand doctors or other professionals who do this to those they deem as lower. I will definitely give this irritating man a chance. From what I've seen, I think it will work itself out :)

(1 edit) (+1)

It might! It might not.

Sometimes characters are just flawed. And the Endgame people have known each other since they were children so they tend to troll each other a lot. As a lay person who has dealt with doctors of all personalities (including some pretty crappy ones!), I don't shy away from giving them flaws just because they're doctors.

If you dislike him, that's fine too. Not every character is going to be liked by every person! 🥰🥰 It's fine if he just isn't your jam. OwO Maybe you can plot to get his bad endings when he's released. My strategy is to try to kill off characters I dislike. 🤣🤣🤣

(1 edit) (-1)

I don't think being an ass makes him a bad person per se :) I just like disagreeing with "professionals" who are acting decidedly unprofessional ;) He seems like he genuinely cares in his own creepery way about them, and I love that he apparently doesn't take sh!t from the court. Looking forward to that (^_^) I'm actually very excited for his route tbh. I get the feeling higher ups are going to be put in check as it were.

I think your characters all have something different to offer in their stories and backgrounds. I haven't disliked any so far:)

Nah nah nah, is it finally released?!?! Has the day I've been waiting for for so long finally come!!?!?!

The day is here! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Is Ari's route finished? I reached the point where she was going to teleport some teams and then it took me back to the main menu. I think the last words on my screen before it went to the menu were "and jumped"?


Yes, that is how his route ends. There's really no need for further story.

They are preparing for a mission, demonstrating Morgan has settled into her role. She teleports them away to go do the mission. The reader doesn't follow along because the story is done. Morgan is moving on and accepting her life. All the plot points are wrapped up by then. So that's the final line.

The credits should play there but it's very easy to skip them if you click an extra time.

Dear Caleb,

      You're beautiful, complex and caring. I've looked forward to spending evenings together since we met over a year ago (earth year). Can't tell you how much joy and elation you've brought. You've been well worth the wait, I look forward to future evenings. 
                                                                                                         With Love,

Fun love note to Caleb aside... Seriously, double, triple and quadruple thanks to you and the mediators with you and Caleb. I was aware of the umm 'fights' and I'm very thankful for the decision of your part.

Beautifully crafted world, immersive storytelling, wonderfully polished writing, great cast of main and side characters. Not even finished four endings and I'm already being drawn back to routes. The character connections add so much life to this world, a world that's already full of so much depth and lore. You could get lost in the glossary for hours alone. Morgan is another delightful MC to journey with. Not denying that I've been excited for GS for a long time, but expectations were demolished. This is a breathtakingly marvelous masterpiece. Thank you for your immeasurable amount of work and love.

I'm glad you like him. I really do love Caleb's route. I feel like they have a lot of great moments that run the gamut of tense and sweet and soft and funny. So it makes me really happy that people are enjoying it. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Even though I haven't finished all the routes yet, I love this game. (especially Caissas Route)♥♥♥. Changeling was a wonderful game and this one is even better♥. Many thanks for this great game and I hope for many more♥♥♥♥


Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it! 🥰🥰🥰

This game was so incredible! I absolutely loved the writing and world building in it :D I can't wait for more routes to be released.


Let me first just preface this with saying that I first played the demo last summer and instantly was hooked! I literally counted the days even though I didn't have a release date on my calendar. I was willing to wait patiently and this game was definitely worth the wait!!! 

sooooo OMG I just finished Caissa's route and I'm gushing, blushing, and trying to convince myself not to play his route all over again--my tortured king lover boy :D I got the passionate ending <3 It took me 10+ hours to play through his route and while I was playing, I kept thinking "Wow, there are 5 more characters to play through, each with their own individual storyline" and I got even more excited! Thank you so much Esh because the game is incredible, the worldbuilding is breathtaking and impressively original, and the pilot episodes were so engaging and having a run-in with each character made it so hard to choose which one to play first. OH! And the fact that the MC's appearance and personality is customizable and seeing each photo with the little details made it even more special. Even the dialogue was realistic and full of witty one liners! I can't get over how fantastic and HUGE this game is. I would happily pay $30 again because honestly, I feel like it's not enough for the creator who spent years building this project. (Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for this price tho lol) I so hope you are proud of this labor of love because I was in awe as I played through and fell in love with the story. 

I'm deciding whether to play Jake's or Ari's route next because I became slightly obsessed with Jake while playing Caissa's route--too cheeky and flirty, that one. BUT I was also drawn to Ari's stoic but gentle manner. And I can't wait to get to Lance's too. The fact that I'm able to do all this is incredible. THANK YOU! And for those who are on the fence, get this game because you won't regret it. It'll easily become your #1 VN! 

Is that where the story ends? Is there going to be a sequel or something? sorry, its just that it is left off VERY open-ended and I'm just confused :/

Hello, there are nearly 20 endings in this game so I'm not totally sure which one you're referring to.

The endings are somewhat open ended but I feel they do resolve the plot. Can you specify which ending you got that confused you?

I just finished caleb’s route but neither of the queens were caught and i’m ok with where the relics lefts off but i had only just learned to use them.

I’m sorry, i know this sounds like complaining. I really don’t mean it to be, I love this story. I invested two years ago and i’m really love the story and the LI’s so i don’t want it to come across any otherwise:)

It's fine. Sometimes, unfortunately, the bad guys don't get caught! That's just how it goes at times. 

It is open ending but I just find that sometimes that is the way it is! 


I'm literally in tears I've been waiting for ages and your games literally keep me going I'm so excited to play this it's going to get me through my finals thank you so much steamberry studio


Aww! I really hope you enjoy the game and make it through finals safe and sound. 💓


OMG congratulations! I'm so happy for you  \^0^/ I've been following you and guided shadows development for only a year. Changeling was such an amazing game, and when I heard about your next project;I just knew this was going to be bop! I love your sense of humor!

Aww thank you! I really hope you enjoy it. ;A;


Hello! Is this game content complete?


This is a difficult question for me to answer.

The simple answer is no, I guess? There are 6 complete routes. But there are three additional routes that will be added to the game as updates (you can think of them as game expansions.) These LIs are not necessary to get a "complete" experience as they were not originally going to be in the game at all (they were added as Kickstarter stretch goals). 

The amount of content in the game, in my opinion, offers a complete experience. But technically there are three additional expansions that are planned.


Not me pondering to take the day off at work for this hahahaha SO EXCITED, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Not me being your shoulder devil saying "Dooooo it! 8D"  😈

(Please don't listen to me, your shoulder devil. Please make responsible decisions! LoL!) 😇


WHOOP WHOOP!! Congratulations and a thousand yays! Going to get this on steam now, what a fantastic weekend xx


Yay! Hope you enjoy it!


Congratulations! I'm so exited for this!

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