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Changeling Demo

A dark, fantastical romantic comedy that focuses not just on falling in love, but rediscovering your past. · By Steamberry Studio


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Launch is here!
Launch is here! My brain is still catching up with what just happened so I can't think of too much to say! It's been a long journey to this point. We've had a l...
Launch is Coming
That's right, we are finally getting ready to launch this game! Currently, we are planning an end of January/beginning of February launch for here and Steam. If...
11/24 Update
Hey everyone! Just checking in with a quick update. We're continuing to do final testing and polishing or the game. We have list of stuff to check and take car...
11/11 Update
Just a quick check in for anyone who watches our devlog over here. The game is still in final beta testing. We've gotten a lot of feedback about various things...
10/27 Update
Hey everyone! Just popping in to quickly update here for anyone who doesn't follow our blog. I wanted to let you know that we're in our final round of beta test...
Hey everyone! Checking in with another update. First order of business: CGs are finished! The game will release with 5 CGs per love interest route + 1 CG in t...
9/15 Update
Hey everyone! Whew…after last week, this week felt like a breeze. Sprocket and I were (mostly) feeling good this week! So we were able to make a fair amount o...
Hey everyone! Esh here once again with our weekly update! As I mentioned last week, Sprocket has turned her attention to corrections for Danny’s route. When s...