9/15 Update

Hey everyone! Whew…after last week, this week felt like a breeze. Sprocket and I were (mostly) feeling good this week! So we were able to make a fair amount of progress on things now that we’re not having to drown ourselves in tea and tissues.

This week we prepped all the needed sprites for Danny’s route and got their code set up so Sprocket can start to work those sprites into the route. This includes four additional sprites that are all route-specific and appear only in Danny’s route.

 I also finished Danny’s CGs and moved on to Ewan’s.

For the most part, we are still just still working on the same things more or less: finishing CGs, adding in missing assets, making corrections/fixes.

If you want the full update, please hop over to our blog on tumblr, which has more information about exactly what we accomplished this week! See you next time! 

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