6-17 Update

Hey everyone! Popping in for a weekend update! This was a really hectic week for me with lots of outside interruptions to work.

-Sprocket is still working through making corrections based on feedback. Most of the corrections she's working through are typos and grammatical errors. There are also some sprite errors she is working through where sprites have gotten misplaced in a scene or, inexplicably, go bald.

Testers also sometimes request additional art assets, sprite variations, or sound effects. We also make note of those things so they can be added to the game.

-Ewans route is very nearly done. As I mentioned, I had a few interruptions this week that required me to stop work. Chapter Ten is also a bit…fiddly.

In addition to coding, I stopped to make some edits to smooth out the narrative through a very branch-heavy section. There were some other changes I needed to make to make a specific aspect of the route easier for the player but I can't really delve into that because it is spoiler territory for sure.


You can see by the image, that our final word count is 680,000 words. There are unlikely to be any major additions or deletions so you can expect our final word count will stay around this number. There are 304 menus – or "choices" throughout the game. There are also around 40 endings (just over, I think).

It can be very difficult to translate word count into play time. First of all, if you assume that "play time" is the amount of time it takes to get through one route to the good ending (as opposed to "playable content" which includes all the scene variations and extra endings) it's still going to vary based on things like reading speed and just how much branching there actually is.

The difference in time it took our fastest tester to get through Corvin's route and our slowest tester was about 7 hours. So you can imagine that calculating play time accurately is a little challenging. But we are estimating 30-40 hours of playable content in Changeling based on the current word count.

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