Hello everyone! Just posting a quick update here. For the full post, check out our tumblr blog.

Ewan's is completely coded and I'm starting on spriting Elliot's route . His script is already imported and currently all he needs is sprites, music and sounds. As well as double checking all the scoring and stat checks.

Ewan's route took a little longer than I anticipated but is finally done and just needs testing. Unlike Ewan, Elliot doesn't have nearly as many BIG group scenes so I think (hope) he'll go faster. It's really the big group scenes that make you slow down and really consider where everyone is placed and how that looks, etc.

Sprocket has finished up with corrections to Corvin's route and is going to do a quick play test just to double check things before moving on to William's route.

Once Elliot's coding done  I can finally turn my focus onto getting the remaining artwork done - which includes a few sprites and the remaining CGs. We have around 11 CGs done but quite a few more to complete. 

Anyway, that's it for…uh…last week. We'll post again next week! 

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