7/7/2018 Update

Hi everyone! @_@ Esh here after a slightly crazy week. So here's a quick round up of dev updates this week! 


Elliot’s route is fully sprited! Which means the beta version of his route is now complete! All that remains for him and Ewan to be ready for beta testers is for me to get my own play testing done to make sure nothing is massively broken or messed up.

Now that I’m done with the bulk of the coding, I am officially on art duty (aside from my own play tests. I will, of course, still work on other things as I always have. There are still lots of loose ends to work on. But my focus going forward will be all the art! >=3

How long the remaining art will take me is difficult to estimate. I can usually finish a sprite in a day – from start to finish (without interruptions). But several of the remaining sprites are already partially done so I should be able to get them done faster. Those sprites still have to be coded and inserted into the script and I’m not sure if I’ll do that myself or if Sprocket will do it. We may just wait until they’re all finished before we put any of them into the game. A couple of the remaining sprites only have concept art so I’ll still need to redraw them in my style and start from scratch with the coloring, so they’ll take a bit longer.

CGs are basically in the same boat. Many of them are started and are at various stages of completion. 

Once I have sprites and CGs done, there are a few smaller illustrations we want to add in. And maybe some additional sprite variations to enhance particular scenes. 

If you want to see our full dev update this week, pop on over to our Tumblr Post (tm) where you can find all the details! 

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