Demo Update!

We have just updated our demo with an extension and some other changes!

For more details on what sorts of changes you can look for in the newest demo update, keep reading! If you follow us on our blog or on Kickstarter, then you've probably already seen this list!

NOTE: Our alternate downloads will be up later tonight. So if you have trouble downloading directly from, there will be more options posted in a few hours!

Story extension. The story now goes about halfway into Chapter Four of the common route. You get to see what happens after Nora wakes up in the club room, and experience some of the following day and get a lead up to an important scene in a magic library. You are also going to be briefly introduced to two new characters who will play a substantial role in various character routes. 

There are also numerous small edits to other parts of the story to smooth out various scenes and improve characterization. 

Bad End. For this extended version of the demo, we’ve left in a very early bad end that can be achieved in Chapter Three. It’s a really easy ending to avoid so we don’t think too many people should fall into it on accident but if people are just dropping like flies, we’ll make it even harder to achieve. (Of everyone who has tested the full common route, I think only three people found it and two of them were looking for it.)  It’s mostly there for amusement and a possible achievement later on. 

Overall art improvements. Sprites and Backgrounds have gone through some minor adjustments to improve the lighting, shading, and over all quality. Only one character was actually revamped (and she was a minor character) so no worries about characters suddenly looking totally different. For the most part, improvements are related to improved shading, and some additional poses/outfits for some characters.  Backgrounds have improved shading and some minor fixes as well.

New backgrounds. You’ll also encounter a few of our new backgrounds, which will appear in the demo. These include an image of Pine Hollow itself, a small path/sidewalk in the neighborhood, a new version of the school stairs and a magic library.

- New sprites! Five totally new sprites appear in this updated demo. Two of them belong to the characters mentioned above and the other three are existing minor characters who didn’t previously have sprites.  Nora’s dad, Shane Lewis, now has a sprite. Rayna (previously Christina), who’s a friend of Danny and Elliot, now has a sprite. James, another friend of theirs, has a sprite. And finally - Brenna Cavanaugh and Vilos Ioveanu will be introduced in Chapter Four.

New music! Several of our new tracks are now being used in the demo. We’re still utilizing some of the old music as well so it’s not completely different but we’ve also got some of our original tracks in there to lend a more cohesive feel to the sound track as a whole

New Design Elements. There are a few new design elements like the chapter title pages and a new mouse pointer. These are fairly minor changes for the most part.

Please be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues while playing through the updates - the best way to contact us is via tumblr or at our official email address!

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